Nursing jobs

Nursing jobs

Nursing jobs

Has the thought of becoming a nurse ever crossed your mind? Do you always feel an urge to help people? If you answer yes to these questions, then you should consider becoming a nurse. However, the nursing field has many different type of nurses that range from emergency care to in-home nurse that take care of individuals from the comfort of there own home. In the fallowing paragraphs we will discuss five different types of nursing careers you can choose from.

registered nurse jobs

CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) - A certified nurse assistant is also known as nurses' aids or healths health aides. These nurses help patients accomplish everyday jobs like bathing, dressing or eating. They work under the watch full eye of a register nurse. They can be found in private homes, hospitals, and nursing homes. Everyday CAN's spend countless hours observing and interacting with patients.

RN (Registered Nurse) - Registered nurses are the most common type of nurses and they cover a large occupation in health care. A few of the jobs RN's are in charge of are providing medicine to patients, changing bandages and they also provide emotional support to patience and families. Registered nurses can decide to specialize in certain areas such as ER care or the care of children.

PHN (Public Health Nurse) - Public health nurses are registered nurses that specialize in the needs of a community. This means that they have the same responsibilities as registered nurses however, they often travel to schools, community centers, and patient homes where they work to improve the medical needs in specific communities.

HHN (Home Health Nurse) - Home health nurse are RN's that provide care in patients homes. The job of a home health nurse is to assist patients that can not leave their homes due to medical reasons.

Nurse Midwife are RN's that have additional training in midwifery, this means that midwife nurse work with pregnant women. This work includes the overall care of women, before, during, and after birth. Sometimes the Midwife's will also help to take care of the baby while the mom recovers from the birth of the baby.

The nursing categories mentioned above are only a few of the different variety of medical nursing. It is important to know that each type of nurse has to go through different training, although sometimes there jobs may over lap. Therefore the length of the time it takes for an individual to become a professional nurse may vary.

Before I close this article I would briefly like to talk to you about a "special" medical nurse that caught my attention. This type of nurse is called a "travel nurse" and just like the name suggests, this nurse travels to different countries wile being paid. Cool, don't you think so? Not only do they get to help people but they also get to see the World while doing so!

Have I spiked your interested in becoming a nurse? I hope so because a nurse career can be fulfilling and challenging.

Nursing jobs

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